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RJ Heathcote Ltd, Highbank Cottage, Farm Town Lane, Coleorton, Leicestershire, LE67 8FG

t: 01530 480518    m: 07989 967470
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Each loft  conversion is different, but they all go thorough the same basic stages. From  your initial enquiry, our consultant will visit you to determined the potential  of your loft for a conversion, and to discuss the feasibility of the scheme. The  minimum height in your loft space has to be no less than 2.3m for a loft  conversion.

Detailed measurements will be taken, and your requirements for the proposed loft  room will be discussed with you. We will advise on the most suitable loft  conversion for your property. Shortly after this you will receive a fully  itemized quotation that is valid for 30 days.

Once our quotation has been successfully accepted we will ask you to place a  non-returnable deposit. Our architects will then survey your house and prepare  draft plans which will be submitted to you for your approval.

Once approved, detailed drawings for your loft conversion will be prepared for  submission (if required) to the Local Planning Authority, for approval. This  process normally takes between 4 & 8 weeks.


Once Planning  Consent is received (if applicable) we will then prepare plans for Building  Regulation Approval and submit them to Building Control for design appraisal,  and structural calculations for any proposed steel joists.

We now write to your neighbours informing them of activity to any joining party  walls, and if there are any concerns to contact us.
Now all the paper work is sorted out we are ready to start, we will sit down  with you and discuss a start date!!

We start by erecting scaffolding and delivering materials to site, all materials  will be transferred to the loft via an external scaffold, only breaking through  into the house to fit the new staircase. Depending on the size of conversion,  you should allow 8 – 12 weeks for the works to be completed. There will be an  appointed person on every project, who will manage any concerns or issues that  may arise, keeping the project on course and completing it to our usual high  standards.

A final inspection from Building Control will be arranged and final completion  certificate will be issued.

CONGRATULATIONS you can now enjoy your new bespoke loft conversion! Enjoy your  new home.

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