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RJ Heathcote Ltd, Highbank Cottage, Farm Town Lane, Coleorton, Leicestershire, LE67 8FG

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Planning  permission is concerned when altering the exterior or adding volume to the  original house structure. But not all changes to your house need planning  permission many alterations and amendments can be achieved under the rights for "Permitted Development".
Due to changes to the planning system it is now easier to convert your loft  without the need for planning permission, under previous legislation it was  necessary to apply for planning permission. now most loft conversions can be  completed without planning approval.
For more information regarding planning permission for loft conversions click on  the link below.

Go to  Planning Portal

Not all  properties are covered by the rules of permitted development. Properties that  are in heritage or conservation areas may have there permitted development  rights removed contact your local council for information regarding this matter.
The conditions for not applying for planning permission are set out briefly  below these conditions apply to any loft conversion not exceeding 40 cubic  meters in volume for terraced houses, and 50 cubic meters for detached or semi  detached houses.

- The conversion must not exceed the highest part of the roof
- There are no balconies, verandas involved
- The materials are similar in appearance to the exciting property
- No extension of the roof plane that fronts the high way may be extended, this  means that only velux roof lights can be installed fronting the highway.

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